Because Through Art,

We can build a world full of love, care and empathy!

Who We Are

UPAJ India is an initiative of Behala Global Academy of Fine Arts, a non profit organization registered under The West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961.

The word UPAJ means growth. In Indian Classical Music and Dance, it is used to describe the act of improvisation which is integral to the rudimentary exploration of aesthetics of these art forms. UPAJ India aims at transforming spaces and integrating society through practice of art and culture with emphasis on exploring the impact of art in education, outreach and research. Various programmes and interventions have been designed with primary emphasis in rural and peri urban areas.

UPAJ India programmes are supported by a team of dedicated professionals working in key domains with expert guidance from senior practitioners in the field of contemporary art and culture.

What We Do


Art in Education

Primarily targetting schools in rural areas, PARICHAY emphasizes on Art Integrated Learning, following the recommendations of National Education Policy, through tools of Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Creative Writing.


Art Practice

Outreach programme aimed at communities practicing indigenous art forms specially folk artists and artisans in rural centers and tribal districts.


Art Research

Encouraging more research based projects in the field of performing arts, visual arts and creative writing including Grants, Scholarships and Survey Reports.



Flagship programme of UPAJ India which stresses on Art Exchange across various communities and age groups. Also includes various awareness campaigns through Art Practices aimed at transforming spaces.



Periodic publication of research materials, magazines based on year long research work in art practices.



Support team, comprising of experts and leading professionals, providing guidance regarding career development avenues in various streams of art.